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Introducing iRadio
...the most beautiful radio experience ever created!

Finally there's a radio app that looks and feels like the built in iPod app. We've spent countless hours on perfecting even the smallest details. The result is an amazing radio app like you've never seen before.

"One of the most comprehensive internet radio apps"
― 148Apps

"App of the Day"

What you will get:
• Over 30000 radio stations
• Browse by genres location & popularity
• Find local radio stations with GPS
• Detailed station & song infos
• Gorgeous full screen album covers
• Tag songs to remember them
• Record & backup songs
• Get recommended stations
• The ultimate radio experience

★ Browse over 30000 stations
Finding the perfect radio station with iRadio works like browsing the App Store for apps. All stations are categorized by genres, location and popularity. Want to find the most popular radio stations in California? With iRadio you can!

★ More than just a player
Our player UI is hands down the best in the entire App Store. You not just see the current station but also what song is playing and the corresponding full screen album cover. If you like, a song then use our exclusive song tagging feature to remember, share or buy it. You can even start recording a song with one simple tap. Moreover, simple double taping gets you detailed infos about the concerning station and enables to search for alternative streams or similar stations.

★ Recommended stations
To bring in a little magic, iRadio comes with a recommendation feature for finding radio stations that play music you like. Select up to 10 artists from your iPod library and iRadio will "automagically" find stations that play similar music. You can also simply shake your device and get random artists.

★ Tag & record songs
All your tagged and recorded songs are kept in one simple list where you can easily share and manage them. With our trim feature you can remove unwanted parts of your recording and our incredible backup feature additionally enables you to send your records via Email or just store them in your Dropbox.

★ Alarm & Sleep Timer
Use the Alarm feature to wake up with iRadio or use the Sleep Timer to fall asleep with iRadio.

★ What our users say

"The BEST iOS Radio App, Period!"
― Anthony Rasmussen

"This is the best radio app ever"
― Rebel1414

"That's how an Apple radio app would most likely look like"
― Christoph Kernstock

If you like music iRadio is the ultimate must have! So what are you waiting for? Just go for it and enjoy.

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