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BibleReader™ lets you explore the Bible on your iPhone and carry your Bible study library with you wherever you go. BibleReader™ offers powerful features for Bible reading and study, advanced personal customization, 100+ titles for free download.

This application includes the NIV Plus Bible, as well as offering access to all Olive Tree free titles.

BibleReader™ FEATURES

• Bookmark your favorite verses. Make personal notes. Create files to sort and store them. A great organizational tool for study, personal devotions, or sermon preparation!

• Split screen reading lets you view two books at once. You can compare Bible translations, view study notes, or read commentaries and reference books side-by-side with Scripture. Sync the windows so they scroll together for easy reference and comparisons.

• With 3-touch Verse Chooser, you can navigate quickly and easily to the exact Bible verse you want by touching book, chapter, and verse.

• Quick, powerful searching lets you find words, phrases, even search in Greek and Hebrew!

• Scripture and other works are stored on your phone, so you don't need a continuous Internet connection. You have full access to your library even when you’re in airplane mode or out of wi-fi range.

• Copy a verse into notes, email, chat—anywhere inside or outside of BibleReader™.


Make your electronic reading and study experience just right with BibleReader™’s many customizable options.

• Choose where to open notes, Strong’s numbers, or search results—in a split screen, the same screen, or a popup window. Customize your popup windows with colors, transparency, and animation styles.

• Top and bottom toolbars auto-hide for full screen reading.

• Up-down flick scrolling or left-right scrolling gestures—your choice.

• Read vertically or switch to landscape mode for wider pages. Choose auto-rotation lock to keep the screen in the orientation you’ve chosen, even if you move your device.

• Choose from 19 different fonts and pick the right size for easiest reading.

• Customize your colors for text, background, notes and hyperlinks, and the words of Jesus. Set separate colors for each reading window or popup window.
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