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NEW! From the team behind the UK's best Mac magazine comes MacFormat Presents: the Essential Handbook for iPhone 4.

With so many great new features, like the Retina Display, iBooks, HD Video recording, multitasking and FaceTime video chat, you need a proper guide to get the most from the new iPhone 4.

There are step-by-step guides to all the great new features, plus we recommend the best add-ons, like speaker docks, cases, earphones and Bluetooth headsets.

We’ve also got a guide to the best, must-have apps and games for your iPhone 4. By following our app recommendations, you’ll be able to make sure you don’t miss the apps that matter.

The Essential Handbook for iPhone 4 is suitable for both PC and Mac owners.



MacFormat is a best-selling Mac magazine, full of practical, authoritative and passionate Mac advice. We're dedicated to covering everything Apple does, including the Mac, iPod and iPhone.

Every issue MacFormat brings you reviews of the latest Mac kit, help and advice on all your favourite Apple apps, and a disc packed with full programs and the latest demos.

No matter if you've got an older Mac or a brand new Apple machine, you'll find something each month to interest you in MacFormat.

You can also be sure our reviews are totally independent and trustworthy, because we only recommend the very best for you and your Mac.

Each issue of the magazine also comes with a disc packed full of Mac programs and don't forget to check out our podcast on iTunes too!
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