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NEW! From the team behind the UK's best Mac magazine comes MacFormat Presents: The Essential Handbook for iPad.

The world's most awesome handbook for the world's most awesome gadget! Packed with helpful advice to help you get the best from your iPad, our essential app is the only guide to Apple's latest and greatest slab of technology you'll need.

Whether you've only just bought an iPad — maybe it's your first Apple product — or are a seasoned pro, we've got the perfect guide for you.

We've gathered together a dozen of the best accessories for the iPad, from cases to stands and more. We've also hand-picked the 70 best apps and games that you can add to your iPad that will transform it into a guitar tutor, pinball machine, word processor and more, and all for pennies!

There's loads of advice on getting to grips with your iPad, as well as troubleshooting tips, tutorials on getting the very best from Apple's brilliant office productivity suite, iWork, as well as the built-in apps for email, surfing the web, YouTube and more!

The iPad can turn itself into anything you want; find out how to make the best of it, no matter what you decide to use it for, with our essential iPad handbook app!


MacFormat is a best-selling Mac magazine, full of practical, authoritative and passionate Mac advice. We're dedicated to covering everything Apple does, including the Mac, iPod and iPhone.

Every issue MacFormat brings you reviews of the latest Mac kit, help and advice on all your favourite Apple apps, and a disc packed with full programs and the latest demos.

No matter if you've got an older Mac or a brand new Apple machine, you'll find something each month to interest you in MacFormat.

You can also be sure our reviews are totally independent and trustworthy, because we only recommend the very best for you and your Mac.

Each issue of the magazine also comes with a disc packed full of Mac programs and don't forget to check out our podcast on iTunes too!
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