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Try out the best fishing experience available on the App Store - for FREE!

Compete against real life pro fishermen in authentic tournament action and prove you’re the best of the best!

Rapala® Pro Bass Fishing LITE Highlights:
* Exciting Tournament Action: Get a taste of the pro tournament action as you compete against the Rapala® pro staff in 6 tournament-style events.
* Rapala Arcade Mode Bonus – Take a break from the sim-style fishing and challenge the Rapala Arcade AI in fast-paced cast-and-hook action!
* Fully Integrated Motion and Touch Controls: Experience fishing action on the water with precise angling mechanics that allow you to feel the smooth precision of the cast, intensity of the strike and the struggle of the fight with unprecedented accuracy. Tilt, steer and touch to cast it, crank it and set the hook!

Upgrade to the full game for these awesome features:
* Game Center: See who’s the best of the best and post your top scores to the leaderboards! Also, you can try your angling skill against 30+ achievements!
* Lots to Fish: 60 total tournament events and challenges in Seasons mode and unlimited fishing in Free Fishing mode
* Authentic Pro Experience: Use the same tools the pros use including an unequaled assortment of Rapala® lures and licensed equipment and gear to fish for 20 trophy species of fish
* Bragging Rights: Post your record-breaking catches and the tournament events you’ve won on Facebook
* Top Fishing Hotspots: Fish 5 of North America’s biggest and best sport-fishing lakes like Okeechobee, Erie and Casitas in beautifully rendered 3D underwater and above-water environments
* “Sports TV” Presentation: Announcer commentary, live updates, cinematics and heart-pounding final weigh-ins.

You can play Rapala® Pro Bass Fishing in English, French or German.
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