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LASIK Clinical Calculator is a tool for ophthalmologists performing LASIK refractive surgery.

It currently provides two important clinical calculators:
- LASIK Refraction Nomogram
- Ectasia Risk Score System

The LASIK refraction nomogram takes a manifest refraction and produces a recommended set of ablative parameters, using a process based on empirical data collected over several years by Dr. Stern and Dr. Collins of the VA Refractive Surgery center in Alexandria, LA.

Specifically, it performs a four step process:
1. Conversion to minus cylinder
2. Cylinder overcorrection (configurable; 50% by default), because data showed undercorrection of cylinder with our excimer laser.
3. Spherocylindrical coupling (configurable; 5% by default)
4. Sphere modification to account for the cylinder overcorrection.

It also splits the ablative refractions into (1) plano with plus cylinder and (2) refractive sphere with minus cylinder if necessary.

The calculator will remember changes to cylinder overcorrection and spherocylindrical coupling, so it may be customized for the surgeon's preferences and experiences.
The Ectasia Risk Score System provides an important tool to estimate the risk of corneal ectasia in a LASIK candidate.

It is based on research published by Dr. Randleman et al. in the Journal of Ophthalmology (Risk assessment for ectasia after corneal refractive surgery. J Ophth 2008;155:37-50).
LASIK Clinical Calculator utilizes the lightning-fast MediMath engine which powers both MediMath and Optics Clinical Calculator.

I'm open to including any other calculators or scores which would be useful to you when evaluating LASIK patients. Please email me directly with any questions or comments.
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