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Building upon the success and experience of the #1 downloaded fitness application on the iOS with over 2,000,000+ users, we present you with healthycloud, an app to keep all your health data in sync.

healthycloud aims to provide you with a comprehensive view of your fitness and health with an emphasis on mobility, data integration, and simplicity of sharing your stats with those who care, wherever you are.

With the ability to freely chart health metrics against one another (i.e. lab cholesterol vs intake cholesterol) we hope to present our users with a better picture of their overall health, while helping them improve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

No other app provides what the healthycloud app does, designed from the ground up healthycloud allows you to track:

- nutritional intake w/ a comprehensive database of over 100,000+ food items and over 200+ exercise items

- fitness/gym tracking w/ a comprehensive database of over 320+ detailed exercises. Each with step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to perform each exercise.

- if that's not enough, you can also keep track of your blood pressure, weight and body metrics, blood sugar, water intake, cholesterol results, blood lab results, body temperature, asthma and many more options to be added soon...
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