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Teach yourself Photoshop now, with this complete 10 part video guide to mastering Adobe’s market-leading image-editing package.

This English-language app offers more than FOUR hours of premium Photoshop Creative Suite and Elements and training, organised into 60 separate video tutorials

Created by the experts responsible for market-leading magazines Digital Camera, Computer Arts and Practical Photoshop, the complete course covers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced techniques with full narration throughout, making it easy to follow the step-by-step techniques.

Learn how to apply quick fixes to your photos, master levels and layers, improve exposure, boost colours, and so much more.

This app also includes links for you to download the original start images used in the tutorials so you can do it yourself on your Mac or PC.

Learn all these skills today!

* Episode 1: Photo editing basics

* Introducing Photoshop

* Importing and organising files

* Working with RAW files

* Essential Photoshop fixes

* Saving and printing images

* Adobe Bridge explained (CS)

Episode 2: Get started with RAW

* Get started with Camera RAW

* Adjusting white balance

* Editing photos in Camera RAW

* Setting camera preferences

* Edit multiple RAW files

* Camera RAW in Photoshop CS

Episode 3: Improve exposure

* Master exposure in ACR

* Recover lost detail

* Get perfect skin tones

* Boost colours with Curves

* How to avoid noise

* Add drama to landscapes

Episode 4: Master selections

* Get to know the Selection tools

* Use Adjustment Layers and Masks

* Refine your selections

* Change colours with Replace Color

* Get creative with multiple selections

* Make selections in CS5

Episode 5: Get to grips with layers

* Add a border with image layers

* Boost colour with Adjustment Layers

* Enhance portraits with layer blending

* Recover a landscape’s tone and colour

* Create a multi-image collage

* Use layers in Photoshop CS5

Episode 6: Retouch your photos

* Banish spots and blemishes

* Remove clutter with the Clone Tool

* Repair old photographs

* Whiten eyes and teeth

* Correct distorted images

* The Vanishing Point tool explained

Episode 7: Solve common problems

* Correct white balance in ACR

* Tackle exposure issues in Elements

* Boost colour and enhance tone

* Remove dust from your images

* Fix common lens problems

* Using the CS5 Adjustment Brush

Episode 8: Black and white made easy

* Black and white in Elements

* Take control of tones

* Better skin tones in monochrome

* Mimic traditional film grain

* Get the infrared look

* Black and white in CS5

Episode 9: Digital darkroom effects

* Tone your black and white photos

* Get creative with colour curves

* Create image composites

* Get the toy camera look

* Solarise your images

* Get creative with HDR in CS5

Episode 10: Organising your images

* Create a photo library and back it up

* Make an image slideshow

* Build a website gallery

* Publish a photo book

* Get ready for printing

* Contact Sheet II in CS5
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