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Get your busy toddler learning and chatting with this playful, educational app from Ladybird.

- Four themed sections to choose from: Animals, Home, Toys and Vehicles.
- 48 everyday words to learn and practise.
- Touch the picture to hear a sound and make it move!
- Touch the word to hear it clearly spoken aloud
- Helps to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in young children
- British English accent

It is specially designed to build essential language skills in older babies and toddlers by helping to expand first vocabulary and demonstrating the link between pictures and words.

Intended to introduce common words and objects your child will frequently see and hear in the world around them, First Words: Toddler Touch and Say is easy enough for toddlers to use themselves, giving a real sense of achievement!

The simple functionality lets a child touch the bright pictures at any time to see them move and hear the realistic sound effects. Touching the text below the pictures also lets them listen to the spoken word. This can be practised and repeated as many times as your child wants before moving on to the next screen, reinforcing learning and giving them control and choice.

To move to the next or previous image, simply press the arrows or swipe the screen. It really is as easy as ‘touch and say’!

If you experience any technical issues with this app please get in touch. We are happy to help. Contact us at
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