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SOSO Vision guides you to see the world, which is published by Tencent Research Institute!
SOSO Vision is a cool recognition app with extraordinary functions of object recognition, barcode scanning, face recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), business card recognition and QR-Code recognition.

【Product Introduction】
Taking a photo of book cover with your phone, you can get the detail information, book review, price and purchase link. Waiting bus boring, you can immediately understand the movie details and can easily get the movie coupons with SOSO Vision. Through the phone camera to recognize poster, CD, logo, book cover, you can quickly explore the world and access to online shopping information.
Typing is really annoying when looking up words. You will instantly translate using SOSO Vision. It is a useful tool when you learn foreign language and travel abroad.
SOSO Vision can scan QR-Code and bar code with your phone. You can get the link and price information.
Do you want to know which star you or your friend look like? SOSO Vision gives you the answer. You can use the app to check out the most similar star and access to relevant information.

【What's New in Version 2.0】
1.Image Recognition: take a picture of book cover, CD cover, logo, movie posters, bar codes, QR-Code to get the information about purchase, price comparison and reviews;

2.Business Card Recognition: take a picture of it easily managing your social;

3.Bar Code and QR-Code Scanning: quickly identify common QR-Code, bar codes getting product’s information and be convenience to your life;

4.Face Recognition: from the database to pick out the face of the star most like you.

【Conditions to Get Best Result】
Picturing from the front angle and having good light, you will get a clear photo which identifies best.

Want to Know More to Pay Attention SOSO Vision
·Official Micro Blogging:
·Official Website:
·User Experience QQ Group: 145557308
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