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The Power Of Six ebook with a synchronised soundtrack that adapts to your reading speed!

-Booktrack is a soundtrack that will match what you are reading as you read

-Powered with synchronized music and sound effects

-Music and effects from the company behind Lord Of The Rings’ audio production

-Match what you're reading to what you’re listening to

Hear the future of reading while reading The Power of Six with a soundtrack that feels like a movie! It automatically plays along while you’re reading, and is paced to your own reading speed -- constantly changing to instantly match the plot.

Unlike traditional audio books, Booktrack is a soundtrack that will match what you are reading, AS YOU READ (Note: no one is reading the story to you). When you’re absorbed in an exhilarating fight scene between John Smith and the Mogadorians, you will now hear the clang of swords and the impact of every blow; when John and Number Six are being chased by police helicopters you will hear the beat of the propellers; and when Number Six is fighting for her life, you will hear exciting music composed specifically for that scene.
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