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"Deus Ex Augcam" is an app that allows you to experience "augmentation" from the video game "Deus Ex," an action RPG available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. "Augmentation" is a kind of human-body implant to improve body functions in a variety of ways, and with this app you can experience it using your own photos.

The app lets you compose "augmentation" with the photos you have already taken or those in camera roll. In addition, you can take pictures with the characters from Deus Ex.

How to use the app

① Select a photo of your choice with "choose a picture" or take a new picture with "take a picture" button.

② Choose the "Augmentation" and/or "Characters" that you would like to add to the photo by sliding the screen from left and right or from "Select from List."

③ In case of taking a new photo, press "shoot."

④ After finishing the shoot or choosing a picture, touch the "augmentation" to chage positions. You can also adjust the size by pinching on the screen.

⑤ Press "save" button to finish.
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