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Explore your way around Britain with my guide to over 1000 places to eat, visit and shop.

* Find recommended places near you with the GPS function
* Upload and tag photos of your own favourite foodspots
* Check out the events calendar and find out what’s going on when, then import it into your iCal so you don’t miss out
* Share and recommend your favourite food destinations with friends and
* Check out a few of my videos and a gallery of brand new photos

This new app I’ve developed with the guys at Penguin is all about celebrating brilliant places to eat, buy and enjoy food aroundBritain. I’ve stumbled across so many cute or clever places over the years, and am always hearing about incredible restaurants and shops from friends who love good food. I wanted to pool all of those recommendations together in a way that was really useful, fun and accessible for everyone. So in this app, you’ll find everything from great cheese shops, fishmongers, pubs and restaurants to cafes and food festivals.

I’ve included spots I’ve been eating at for years as well as places I’ve just discovered on my recent travels around Great Britain. My trusty food team and the gang at Jamie’s Italian have also shared some of their favourites, as have the brilliant team at Rough Guides. Now that we’ve got everything in one place we’ll be updating it with more recommendations on a regular basis, and I really want you guys to do the same. So anytime you find something that rocks your world – whether it’s a country pub that puts on a great Sunday roast or a brilliant curry house tucked down a side street in your town – snap a picture, upload it and share it with the rest of us. We’ve got so much to be proud of, let’s get out there and enjoy it.
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