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Is there a toxic spill near your home or school? All 78,000 spills reported to the EPA are covered with detailed maps near you, your home and school. Check often! It's totally automated. Just run the app, it'll find you and will map all the toxic spills near you.

Includes details about the toxic spill including:

* When did it happen
* Where exactly was it (mapped)
* How much was released
* Was it an Air, Land or Water release
* Who is responsible
* How to contact those responsible
* How close is it to you?
* Is it a Dioxin, cancer-causing or a PBT?
* What other spills did the company cause?

Tools Include:
* Auto location, just turn the app on.
* Search for locations
* Search for Company
* View by City
* Review chemical details including how deadly it is
* Contact details for the company
* What facility the spill happened at

Special Note for Canadians: Although the data is from the the US's EPA, it impacts you as most Canadians are near the US border. Toxic releases migrate to Canada. The app supports Canadians too! (Just look at the Buffalo, NY map to see how much Canadians are impacted)
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