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Get all the information no other tour guide will tell you about London with the hilarious, frAudio Tours.

Let our traditional English tour guide tell you secrets about Buckingham Palace and the Queen, the real reason The London Eye was erected, and the long old tradition of the man in the black raincoat on Tower Bridge.

frAudio Tours - London contains eight detailed audio tours from London's top landmarks, and also includes high resolution images packaged together in a beautifully designed app.

frAudio Tours is great for tourists and non-tourists alike, as there will be information in this app that not even the most knowledgable person will know about these famous landmarks!

frAudio Tours is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you tour London's greatest landmarks. You are guaranteed to learn some of London's best kept secrets. Just be sure to share your newly gained knowledge with your friends, and tell them all about the hilariously informative frAudio Tours!

(Check out other tours in the frAudio Tours series. Cities in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, just search 'frAudio Tours' on the App Store.)
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