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How fabulous do you want to feel and BE?
How wonderful CAN life get?
Exploring these questions enables you to reveal your true self, Anstey will help you ignite your inner siren, and bravely teaches her new techniques.
Your mind, body and behavior are her passion.

Anstey believes that everyone should allow this bliss to radiate through them, no matter who you are, how you feel, where you are from or what experiences you have lived through.
She knows that everyone has the right to shine like the “star” and will help you achieve this.
Giving birth to a new life can be tough - but it's all worth it and today she hopes you will honor your fabulousness and try out this “new you”.
Absorb her teachings through books, video diaries, affirmations, screen savers and more with this app.
Anstey is a vibrant, honest, inspiring, sassy, witty public speaker and writer. She will have you enthralled with her life discoveries and experiences. Anstey will motivate and create a positive change in anyone’s lives who discovers her work.

Download “The Laws Of Fabulousness” NOW!

Visit her at


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