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Interactive reading experience, lively narration, amusing animations and fun jigsaw puzzles.

* The original and authorized edition of Spot Goes to the Farm by Eric Hill
* Lively story narration
* Animated action
* Great sound effects throughout
* Three fun puzzles
-3 levels of difficulty
-assist with hand and eye coordination
-help to promote memory
* Appealing to ages 0-5
* Follows on from the successful and highly rated Spot Goes to School app

Spot's visit to his Dad on the farm turns into a lively game as he looks for baby animals. Featuring the original text and illustrations, the pages are entertainingly enhanced with animated touch-flaps that hide and reveal popular farm animals and their sounds, touch-pictures that come to life, fun sound effects and three different read options: read it myself/read to me/touch text to hear again.

Eric Hill created the first ever commercially successful lift-the-flap book as a bedtime read for his son. 30 years on, his invention translates perfectly into an app for ipad, iTouch and iPhone – clearly he was ahead of his time.

Beloved by generations of children, parents – and celebrities!
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