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#1 Music Game in UK and Ireland!
Winner of United Nations award and used by thousands of music teachers!

Activated by playing a real recorder

That’s right – the sounds you play control the game. This awesome game is the perfect introduction to music. The game is activated by a regular soprano recorder and by touch.

Learn to play the recorder in a fun and addictive way. Play notes on the recorder to avoid obstacles, collect bonuses and scare away evil birds, on your way to become a “Recorder Master”...

Become an expert in playing songs while working on rhythm, correct and stable tone production, ear training, fingering technique and more!

*** AWARDS ***

“Parents’ Choice Award”
Staff Favorite in UK and Ireland
“World Summit Awards” - by the United Nations for most creative content
“Best Tools for Beginners” – by the National Association for Music Merchants (2011)
“Best Tools for Schools” – by the National Association for Music Merchants (2012)

*** FEATURES ***

- Awesome game controller – Play a regular recorder and have fun while learning
- Activate with touch – use this fun and addictive game to learn sheet music and songs
- Over 30 levels – suitable for both experienced and first-time players
- Different game types work on various musical skills
- Exciting songs – developed by leading musicians and music educators

TheNextWeb Review (
"Every once in a while we get wind of an application that, while it might not be our typical forte, is just pretty cool. JoyTunes is exactly one of those applications..."

KillerStartups Review (
“A system that will let a child learn how to play an instrument in the most effective way of all: by playing a game"

John, father of 8-year-old Ashley wrote us:
"I was truly amazed when my daughter started playing complete melodies within hours."

Prof. Michael Melzer, VP Jerusalem Academy of Music:
“I truly see this game as a real breakthrough”

Let us know what you think. Don’t hesitate to write us if you encountered any problems.
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