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The Washington Post Social Reader you love on Facebook is now at your fingertips. Read news covering a wide range of topics including health, sports, science, music, entertainment, technology, politics, and foreign policy. Social Reader aggregates news from many of your favorite U.S. and international sources such as The Washington Post, CBS News, Hindustan Times, The Independent, Philippine Star, Slate, The Daily Beast, Men's Health, Women's Health, the Atlantic, SB Nation, Bleacher Report, Mashable, GigaOM, Pitchfork, Wetpaint, iVillage, and more. In addition, there is great local content from the Denver Post, Orange County Register, North County Times, San Jose Mercury News, Alaska Dispatch, The Minnesota Daily and local TV station content from cities such as Detroit, Miami, San Antonio, Orlando, Houston and Jacksonville. For those wanting to keep up with colleges, Social Reader has partnered with the student newspapers from Brown, Yale, Georgetown, Harvard, UC Berkeley and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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