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★ Chosen as a SNEEKPEEK by ★

Last Target is a highly addicting game where you need to navigate a pellet through a course consisting out of countless platforms and bricks headed into deep space - just by tilting the iPhone or the iPad. The uniqueness of the new game of skill: There is no end as the world rises up infinite to the space.

In Last Target you control a ball, rolling over platforms floating around in the space. Countless junctions and bricks are connected with each other - to a construct full of deadly deep hollows, stretching in every direction. On the way not only the omnipresent chasms are a big problem. There are also lots of sabers swinging in deadly circles, moving opponents, cannons and other types of enemies, that are just making the life difficult.

Will this be your last target or is there a way back?
Probably not!

So try to stay alive as long as possible! Try to avoid all those dangerous obstacles and opponents as long as you can to beat the highscore!
Customize your pellet with various upgrades to make it easier to get higher scores.

✓ Tilt your device to move through the course
✓ Endless world, it will never be the same every time you play
✓ Play it everywhere because of simple tilt controls
✓ Tons of obstacles and opponents
✓ Great powerups and upgrades help you to get better and better over time
✓ GameCenter enabled: Try to get to the top of the leaderboard and gain all the 15 achievements

★ BE WARNED! Addicting Gameplay! ★
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