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On December 21, 2014, You will NO longer be able to purchase a subscription. Those who have purchased a subscription will enjoy their full subscription BUT after December 21 you will not longer be able to buy a new subscription.

Have you laughed today?! I mean really chuckled! Now you can enjoy a different, hilariously twisted Rubes® cartoon everyday, 365 times a year!

Take a daily comic adventure inside the ridiculously twisted mind of "sit-down" comic and internationally syndicated Rubes® cartoonist, Leigh Rubin.

Rubes® cartoons, by Leigh Rubin, is now available on your iPhone and iPad. Download this free daily calendar app to experience why Rubes® has become a fan favorite! For the first five days, you can view a new cartoon. At any time during the first five days you may purchase a year's subscription to Rubes® Zoo on the Go™.

If you want that twisted humor fix each day you have come to the right place!

Rubes® Zoo on the Go™ features an automatic daily reminder which allows you to select what time you'd like to receive your laugh of the day! You can even choose which days you'd like to be reminded.

Rubes® Zoo on the Go™ also features a daily calendar (which begins on the day of purchase) and which contains all the traditional as well as several new "surprise" holidays!

Curious about Rubes® cartoons, visit Leigh's website at:

Laugh now!...Because "A Twisted Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste."

Isn't it time for your twisted humor fix today?

Rubes® Zoo on the Go™ is the official app of Rubes® cartoons
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