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⚠☂⚠ Australian Radar Rain Alerts!!! ⚠☂⚠

Get push notifications as rain approaches your selected location.

➤ View the latest forecast, and areas of approaching rain on your local radar.
➤ Select your exact location by GPS or address lookup.
➤ Get push notifications to your device as rain approaches within 60km, 40km and 20km.
➤ Set blackout periods so that you don't get alerts in the middle of the night.
➤ Choose from a range of push alert sounds

Once you receive an alert for a given distance, you won't receive any further alerts for rain at that distance (or further away) on the same day. However, you will receive another alert if rain reaches a closer distance, or also at further distances again if you choose to refresh alerts for your location.

If rain is moving gradually towards you, you will receive successive alerts at each distance.

When you first install the app you have a free subscription for 30 days of rain alerts. You can extend the subscription by in-app purchase.

Note - You must be within 200km of a rain radar in order to get alert notifications. However, if not, then you can still use the app to view the radar and forecast.
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