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Once upon a time, there was a magical land covered by many mysterious creatures. Goblins, spirits and yetis took over the world. There were also heroes, in the midst of the forests and caves, they were never short of vigilance. As a workman you must sharpen your tools in essence to becoming a hero. Come to Adventurer Workshop and boost your powers.

In Adventurer Workshop, you are the shop keeper who is visited by various adventurous customers who want to buy items for their quest. By chaining the appropriate materials AND the customer itself, you craft one of these items and sell it to him. With lots of helpful skills and interesting events happening unpredictably, you have to maintain the shop reputation and make profit! Use strategy to sell items smartly. You will find out it is challenging to be a shop keeper!

*** Features ***

- A brand new highly tactical puzzle game
- Exciting timer
- Random events
- 15 skills over 3 classes
- 16 different goods over 4 different classes
- Fun medieval themed graphics and music
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