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Nikon Skills is a truly interactive learning experience delivering professional video lessons for Nikon photographers of all abilities. Each of the video lessons is intended to deliver easy-to-follow professional tips and advice on how to get the most from your NIkon kit and hone your shooting abilities.

Lessons in Nikon SKills Volume 6 include:

Build up your architecture skills
Noticing converging verticals in your building shots? Technique Editor shows how to avoid distortion both indoors and out

Clean up sensor spots
Get flawless blue skies and white backdrops by cleaning your D-SLR’s sensor. Chris George shows you how to work safely and sensibly

Reverse the tone
Be inspired by Man Ray as Photoshop expert Ben Brain uses the Curves tool to master solarisation and create silvery portraits

Backlight your macro
Introduce delightful edge lighting to your tabletop macro shots by using off-camera flash. Ben Brain gets to work...

Get spot-on exposures
Take control of the lighting in your images by using your camera’s spot metering system. Nikon expert Chris Rutter guides you through it

Making an invisible man
Turn your subjects into nothing but stuffed shirts as Photoshop pro James Paterson gets creative with Layer Masks and the Clone tool

Spin your own Spirograph effect
Take light painting indoors as Ali Jennings shows how to capture neon patterns using a torch, piece of string and Photoshop trickery

Camera & Lens Corrections
In part six of his series on Nikon’s Capture NX 2, editing pro George Cairns shows how to beat distortion, remove red-eye, and more!
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