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Checkmark is the fastest way to remind yourself of all the things you have to do in your busy life.

NOTE: We just announced an all-new version of Checkmark that's coming soon. The new version will be available as a new app (not a free update). Download this version of Checkmark if you're still running iOS 6. Learn more at

"Extremely simple to use" – The Verge

"An excellently built app" – L.A. Times

"What Reminders should've been" – TNW

"It's hard to resist" – TechCrunch

"4 out of 5 mice" – Macworld

"Checkmark is a brilliant to-do app" – Lifehacker

"Our favorite to-do list app" – Business Insider

"A to-do list for every need" – New York Post

Use Checkmark to remind yourself to:

• Book vacation time off when you get to work
• Get milk next time you're at the grocery store
• Never miss your bus stop if you fall asleep
• Water the plants every Thursday night
• Remember to pick up a cake at 3 pm tomorrow
• Make a haircut appointment Tuesday at 10 am

- - - - - LOCATION-BASED REMINDERS - - - - -

• add your favourite locations from a map, your contact list, or your current location

• double-tap a location icon to create a reminder

• view a list of all your tasks, sorted by distance

• add a timer to location-based reminders, so the alert goes off when you're ready – like 15 minutes after you arrive home

- - - - - TIME-BASED REMINDERS - - - - -

• setup recurring reminders for things you need to do every day, every week, or every month

• faster and easier to use than a calendar

• see what's coming up at a quick glance

*Note: location-based reminders require iPhone 4 or newer

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