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★ Please note: 3D Muscular Premium Anatomy for iPhone 4/4S will soon be discontinued and replaced with an upgrade of Muscle Premium 3, which will work on iPhone 4, 4S, or 5, as well as iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini.
★ iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 required. Will not run on iPhone 3GS or below, iPod touch, or iPad.
★ Load over 600 muscles and 200 bones, all rendered in true 3D. See muscles from any angle; adjust zoom level and opacity.
★ Select from hundreds of preset single-muscle views or create your own.
★ Take over 50 quizzes. Start with a brief quiz on a small muscle group; move on to more difficult dissection quizzes for a body region.
★ Optimized for retina display.

Visible Body’s 3D Muscular Premium Anatomy app provides a revolutionary environment for understanding 600+ muscles in the human body. Zoom, rotate, and dissect musculature freely – there are no clunky, pre-rendered visuals to limit the experience. Each muscle is displayed in true 3D, allowing users to study muscle types and intricate fiber directions from any perspective. Each muscle is further enhanced with origin and insertion pins, muscle landmarks marked on bones, and definitions. This app’s visuals, definitions, and functionality come together on-screen and create an immersive experience that reveals the human body’s complex musculature.

Visible Body’s 3D Muscular Premium Anatomy is ideal for students, instructors and healthcare professionals who seek to learn, better understand, or communicate in-depth information about muscle attachments, actions, and relationships.

Start your exploration now.

★ Study a muscle’s shape and fiber directions. Use the origin and insertion pins, turn on skeleton landmarks to see the surface areas of attachment, or access detailed definitions.
★ Access dozens of group views. Visualize muscles in a specific body region. Dissect muscles individually to move from superficial through deep layers. Use the search function to add muscles or muscle groups as needed.
★ Use the draw, screenshot, and email functions to annotate and share visuals, or create a series of images from which to study.
★ Access dozens of views of key bone and joint areas. Use the origin and insertion pins and the skeleton with landmarks on to explore attachments by bone.

3D Muscular Premium Anatomy is the most sophisticated and complete true 3D model of the musculature available. This app includes all new, muscular and skeletal models created by a team of expert medical illustrators with decades of experience in biomedical visualization. These experts work in conjunction with professors and healthcare professionals who review all models and definitions.

Customer feedback is vital to successful products. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Contact us at

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