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Addicted to the enthralling sport of endurance riding? Download Endurance – Beginner to Advanced today and see why endurance riding is one of the world’s fastest growing equestrian sports!
Endurance – Beginner to Advanced has quickly become the must read magazine for endurance riding enthusiasts no matter what their skill level. Each issue is packed with practical advice written by endurance experts and this issue covers such topics as saddle fitting specifically for endurance, strapping, feeding, outfitting the rider, training, booting, rest and rehabilitation, joint and tendon injuries, using heart monitors, looking after legs, tips and handy hints for beginners, equine back health, ulcers, feeding for feet, using electrolytes, wild horses - a model for barefoot endurance horses and much more. Over the past few years VINK Publishing has produced four volumes of the extremely successful Endurance – Beginner to Advanced magazine. Due to public demand from endurance riders throughout Australia and New Zealand, Endurance – Beginner to Advanced Volume 5 has now been released and, as with past issues, will prove to be a valuable resource for the learner through to the advanced rider.


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