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Workout in the Park is a social game set in a park and designed to help women have fun while they compete and collaborate with each other in fitness, nutrition and wellness activities. The mobile extension of Workout in the Park offers players the ability to play the 3 mini-games featured in the main Facebook game. Players can have fun offline or sync their login allowing them to earn valuable rewards that can be used in the main game. As a bonus, players can also use the Workout in the Park mobile app to earn rewards for their real life activities.

Gameplay Features
• Fitness Puzzle Challenge – put fitness equipment puzzles together to showcase your mental agility!
• Smoothie Challenge – make smoothies for your friends as fast as you can before they leave the queue!
• Wellness Zen Match Challenge – match 3 or more of the same colors or symbols to achieve inner bliss!
• My Goals – keep track of your real life goals and earn rewards for staying on target and motivating your friends to do the same!
• Mobile Check In – check in to your favorite places to perform Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness activities, and earn rewards that can help keep your Workout in the Park avatar healthy and happy!

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