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• This is an iPad only product •

Teach Yourself: Photoshop Video Tutorial Edition delivers more than SIX hours of easy-to-follow video tutorials presented by Photoshop experts.

Each of the TEN chapters helps you master a Photoshop feature, from black and white portraits to HDR landscape shots.

This complete series is brought to you by the experts behind Digital Camera magazine, Computer Arts and Practical Photoshop. The App will teach you how to apply quick fixes to your images, create stunning portraits, and master advanced features for applying creative effects and retro styles to your photos.

Master all of these skills today!

Chapter 1 – Raw Starter Guide

• Tools and file types
• White balance and temperature change
• Fix exposure errors
• Get colour right
• Working with multiple Raw images
• ACR in Photoshop

Chapter 2 – Fix Exposure Levels

Fix exposure issues

• Brighten your photos with levels
• Improve landscapes with the selection tool
• Recover Shadow and highlight detail
• Create high dynamic range shots
• Use exposure to get the look you want

Chapter 3 – Get Better Colour

• Use levels to set the white balance
• Correct colour with Colour Curves
• Correct colour temperature
• Boost individual colours
• Change specific colours in an image
• Advanced colour correction

Chapter 4 – Master Layers

• Layers and layer types
• Add a border with image layers
• Correcting images with layers
• Using layer masks to enhance photos
• Creating a panoramic scene
• Layer style tricks

Chapter 5 – Creative Effects

• Add lighting to portrait shots
• Solarise a still–life
• Add speed with motion blur
• Get creative with textures
• Create dramatic low-key portraits
• Get the watercolour look

Chapter 6 – Shutter Speed Effects

• Cool images down with filters
• How to use gradients to add atmosphere
• Mimic an inferred film effect
• Add a soft focus look to portrait
• Polarize your images
• Gradient and tint

Chapter 7 – Portrait Editing

• Improve skin tones
• Remove spots wrinkles and blemishes
• Whiten teeth and eyes
• Retouch clothing in portraits
• Recover lost detail
• Use selections to enhance portraits

Chapter 8 – Black and White

• Convert to black and white
• Take control of tones
• Make high-impact black and white photos
• Re-colour your black and white shots
• Get creative with split tones
• Use the black and white tools

Chapter 9 – Editing Skills

• Produce expansive panoramas
• Create a realistic photo composite
• Make a mosaic-style portrait
• Combine shots into a photo-joiner
• Turn photos into striking watercolours
• Learn how to create an HDR composite

Chapter 10 – Organising and sharing

• Crop and resize with confidence
• Add a border to images
• Print a contact sheet
• Prepare your shots for printing
• Mount and frame images
• Printing tips
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