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Flip your cats to victory! A simple rule to learn, countless strategies to master.

3 million cat moves made so far! Thousands of players, active community, chat facility.

What others say about Flip the Cats:
rated 5 stars "Highly addictive and great fun - Great app form the guys at Kwalee. Simple idea but highly addictive with a good range of difficulty. Fab little perks and cat references and learning better strategies all the time!"
Ed Wilson - Daily Mail Games, United Kingdom

rated 5 stars Flip The Cats... just purrrrfect - Play Reversi / Othello and chat with your friends. Make a move while you clean your cat's litter-box. It's addictive and a fun tool to hone your strategic skills.
Trees van Seggelen - Othello News, Netherlands

rated 5 stars "Nice Game - Easy to play - difficult to play well. I like the way you can play games at your own pace. Chat is good as you can often get tips from the better players while you are playing. Pro board allows you to play with standard black and white pieces."
Ian Turner, Othello World Team Champion, United Kingdom

Flip the Cats is simple to learn, challenging and fun; you trap and capture your opponent’s cats by placing yours around them. Place your cats on either side of your opponent’s to flip it to your colour... but watch out! On their turn, your opponent can do the same to you.

Both players start out with two pieces each, in the middle of an 8 by 8 board. On your turn, you can only move by flipping at least one of the other player’s cats.
Having cats in the corners or on the edges is usually an advantage in the game because they are hard to flip.

In the end, no matter the tactics or strategies used, the player with the most cats on the board wins the game.

Achieved top 10 in the board game charts in 32 countries

Achieved top 10 in the strategy game charts in 18 countries

Cool Features:
=^..^= A two player game only against real opponents

=^..^= Unique design that lets you play hundreds of games simultaneously

=^..^= Rise to fame on the all time and weekly global leaderboards

=^..^= Explore the game and try out different tactics to collect over 40 achievements

=^..^= Stay connected with friends and players using in-game chat

=^..^= Sign in with Facebook or email to play with your family and friends

=^..^= NEW Pro Board featuring black and white cats and a green base with no player assists

=^..^= NEW “Cats Eyes”- See your opponent’s possible moves while you are testing yours

=^..^= Play with the world! 13 languages supported

=^..^= Meet new people and make new friends using active player mode

=^..^= Access your games from any iOS device. Never lose your plays, friends or rank

=^..^= Adorable cats, cute purrs and sounds included

Play the game! Your cats are waiting =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
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