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Represent your country in Piano Summer Games and compete for a medal against other players from around the world.
Learn to play the anthems of the world on your own real piano, or an on-screen virtual one, in this new app from the creators of Piano Dust Buster.

Yes, you can also use your REAL piano - no wires or adapters needed - the app just listens to your piano and you learn how to play.

Choose from a growing list of over 40 national anthems and learn how to play them accompanied by high quality concert music.

Practiced enough? In COMPETITION MODE you compete in real time with players from all over the world in playing an anthem. Get into the top three to win a gold, silver or bronze medal for your country.

✔ A world wide "piano olympics" - practice and learn songs, then compete with people from other countries for a place on the podium!
✔ A national anthems theme - learn to play almost every national anthem from all over the world.
✔ Live press feed on competitions and winners. Can you make it to the press?
✔ Clash of the countries - a real time medal rank. Help your country get to the top!
✔ Works with a real piano/keyboard - use your own real musical instrument to play!!!
✔ Virtual piano has real-size 3D keys (iPad version only)
✔ Works on musical skills – learn note names, rhythm, playing songs, and more
✔ Special mode for practicing sheet music notation (“Archery”)
✔ Rich and high quality accompaniment concert music
✔ Automated download of new songs!

"Piano Summer Games” was created by JoyTunes, maker of music games with the goal of helping people enjoy practicing music. JoyTunes previous games "Piano Dust Buster" and "Recorder Master" enjoyed great success worldwide, with over 5 million songs played to date, and won many awards, including:

- "App of the Week", Gizmodo
- “Parent’s Choice Award”
- “World Summit Award” from the United Nations (most creative e-content)
- “Best Tools for Beginners”, NAMM
- “Favorite Award”, Musician with Apps
- “Golden App”, Apps for Homeschooling
- “Silver Winner”, MassChallenge

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