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“A slick and original zombie game” Modojo
“The Bowling Dead is an idea that gets a thumbs-up from me. Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down.” IGN
“The gameplay has such an incredible zen-like approach - swing away at the undead, or let them dance the night away; either way you get the last laugh” App

In a world overrun by an undead horde, one man stands in the way of the complete annihilation of the human race. One man…and his balls.

Slant Six Games presents The Bowling Dead™, an easy to play, super fun bowling game with a Zombie twist! Hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay defeating wave after wave of Zombies with your weaponized bowling balls. Score extra points by bowling a Zombie Turkey and get your Zombies to dance under the shining disco bowling ball!


* 3D + HD Zombie Bowling Action with state-of-the-art environments and characters
* Over 40 stages of Zombie battles in the Campaign Mode with more to come
* Unlimited Survival Mode – how long can you last the Zombie attacks coming from 360 degree angles? Beat your own and your friends’ scores!
* Unlock a huge arsenal of fun, weapons and unique bowling balls used to kill the Zombies
* Arm yourself for intense Zombie Brawling with your favorite weapon from a Unicorn Sword to a Chainsaw
* Fight the epic Zombie bosses ranging from Cheerleaders and Clown Zombies to exploding Toxic Zombies
* Adjust the power and spin of your shot with one easy swipe using real world bowling mechanics
* Discover the characters of Jimmy Skidmore, Dr. Krauss and the intriguing story of the Zombie outbreak and the Government’s secret weapons program: S.M.A.S.H.
* Bonus and random Zombie Facts
* Zombies! Lots of Zombies!

iPod Touch performance recommendation: For best results please run on an iPod Touch Generation 5 or later

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