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What is One Browser?

It’s just a browser, but a really fast one.
It’s just a browser, but a really smart one.
It’s just a browser, but one that keeps you connected.
It’s just a browser, but one that keeps you informed.
It’s just a browser, but one that keeps you entertained.

What Users Have to Say?

“Blazingly fast.” - Johns Cheriachan

“Very surprised how good this browser is. Exceptionally fast. Full of useful features and very intuitive.” - Reddy

“BEST browser I have used so far on my mobile phone. Looks great, Runs fantastic & fast, as well as does everything a browser is supposed to do... I love it and will look no further. Great Job!” - Kyocera Rise

“It is the best browser I have ever used because it is so fast - video works great.” - Amberlyms

“Best browser out of them ALL... and I've tried them all... this is the fastest and most versatile browser yet!” - Anikit

Introducing One Browser:

One Browser is a smart, speedy and smooth browser for your iPhone that brings you a fresh and dazzling browsing experience.

One Browser is a completely redesigned smart phone browser based on the well-known QQ Browser using cutting-edge propitiatory technology by industry-leading designers and engineers.

One Browser comes with built-in integration with major social networks which makes interacting with your friends and families on Facebook and Twitter like a breeze on your iOS mobile devices. It is an easy and much more convenient way for you to enjoy your mobile social life on your phone and on the go.

What’s in the Package?

★Revamped UI -The UI of One Browser is completely revamped and comes with a never-seen-before bold design.
★Social Hub -Connect with your Facebook and Twitter, update your status and check news of your friends in one swipe.
★Smart Address Bar -Enter URL and Search in one address bar.
★Multi-Window Browsing -With Multi-Window Browsing , you can open and manage web pages, talk to your friends on Social Hub, tweak your One Browser in Settings at the same time.
★Themes -Now you can dress up your One Browser using a gallery of beautiful themes.
★Speed Dial -The new Speed Dial allows you to drag to visit websites and add new dials from Bookmarks, History.
★Hot Sites Collection -A collection of popular and interesting sites that are updated frequently. You can open them in background and add your favorites to Speed Dial.
★Download Manager -Download images, ringtones, and videos. Accelerator and manager all in one place.
★Multi-Language Support -One Browser now supports English and Thai. More to come in future releases.
★Private Browsing -Hide all browsing history and activities while you browse.
★QR Code -Built into the smart address bar, the QR Code scanner allows youto scan and read or search any QR code content in one place. 
★Night Mode -Protect your eyes when you read in the dark by reducing contrast and brightness.
★Preferred Search Engine -Google, Bing and Yahoo, now you can set your preferred search engine in One Browser.
★Bookmark Manager -Bookmark while browsing from Address Bar, organize your bookmarks in folders.

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