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Mega Download - Privately download videos, music, photos, Office documents, PDF and more of your favorite websites.

Download files easily from the web to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with three simple steps: 

1. Press and hold the image, video or link 

2. Select the folder to save the file 

3. Press "Done" to start 
 When the download is complete, you can view / play / organize the downloaded files on your mobile device, send to your computer (PC or Mac)

This application also turns your iOS devices into a portable disk, you can make copies of important documents at any time you need.


■ Web Browser 

- Press and hold to force download 

- Manager Bookmarks 

- Bookmark Bar (iPad only) 

- Manager history 

- Private Browsing 

■ Download Manager 

- Fast downloads and unlimited 

- Download in background 

- Continued interrupted downloads 

- Downloading large files 

■ Privacy Protection 

- Private Browsing 

- Supports password lock 

■ Media Player 

- Playing lots of music files (mp3, wav, etc ...) 

- Playing lots of video files (mp4, 3gp, etc ...)
- Playing lots of image files (png, jpg, gif, etc ...) 

- Save videos to Camera Roll 

- Repeat and shuffle songs 

- Playing in the background 

- Support for TV output with AirPlay (AppleTV) 

- Vista Thumbnail 

■ File Manager 

- Managing Folders and files 

- Move, rename and delete files 

- Extract zip files 

- Support Open-In 

- Photo Albums integrated 

- Save image file to Camera Roll 

- View Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF 

File sharing
- Saves files in your pc.
- Send file by email 

iTunes file sharing
- Wifi file sharing 

■ Developer
- View Cookie 

- Edit HTML

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