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Young alien explorer Signal has been stranded on Earth! Solve 120 mind-bending puzzles and overcome lots of quirky obstacles to help him return to his mothership by sending a Signal to the Stars!

Help Signal write a giant SOS message visible from space, by covering Earth’s fields in intricate crop circles. Figure out how to draw a single, continuous line of alien patterns to fill each field, without crossing your path or bumping into any trees, while dealing with a variety of weird and wonderful obstacles that complicate your path.

Beam up numbered abductees in the right order and take them to your leader, dematerialise trees to fly through them, use your tractor beam to lift lazy cows out of your way, and stay out of sight of angry farmers trying to protect their crops from your alien artwork.

Can you overcome all these challenges and help Signal get home?

• 120 puzzles to solve across 4 different environments
• Fill each field with crop circles to send your SOS signal
• Face quirky obstacles, from lazy cows to angry farmers
• Use the hint system for a helping hand if you get stuck

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