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Chef Ugo features all recipes you can think of: starters, main courses, desserts, drinks... Thousands of recipes for any occasion !

Looking for a specific recipe or just for ideas ? That’s very easy with the built-in search engine. You can search by keywords, by names or by ingredients that are in your fridge. You can browse our most popular categories, from drinks to vegetarian recipes. The app is automatically updated with all our latest recipes!

Features :
- Full screen view
- Shopping List: you add ingredients to your shopping list from any recipe, including quantities. At the store, you check off items as you shop.
- Favorites: you can save recipes to your own personal list
- E-mail: you can send recipes and shopping lists to yourself and friends
- Users rating (from 1 to 5 stars) and difficulty level (from easy to difficult) for each recipe
- ... and much more to discover!

- All recipes available in this app are for your information only. Those recipes were shared by various people and have not necessarily been reviewed or corrected. Some recipes may be inaccurate or even wrong or dangerous. If you decide to make any of those recipes, you do it at your own risks.
- Cooking is not a game and there are risks (intoxication, burns, cuts ...).
- Use only ingredients that have no health risk
- Do not allow children to cook alone
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