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Come along on another adventure, this time to hear about how the Bear family—Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear—first began. Read, listen, and watch as the Bear story is told by a great storyteller and one of the Berenstain creators—Mike Berenstain.

For fifty years, children and their families have been going on adventures down a sunny dirt road in Bear Country. Together with the Berenstain Bears, they have gone on picnics and fishing trips, been in plays, played in baseball games, gone to school, the mall, and church, and learned lessons about sharing, caring, and respecting others.

From the very beginning, when Jan and Stan first met and began drawing together, to the formation of a fresh idea for a story about bears on a hunt for honey and the guidance they received from Dr. Seuss, all the way to where new and fresh ideas for the Bear stories come from and how anyone can become creators of books and stories about families … you are entering into an experience sure to delight and educate. Welcome to Bear Country.
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