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- Save hundreds of dollars! -
The bargain-hunter for the iTunes Store. Start downloading the books you want for the cheapest price!

Book Deals is not only a simple faked "book a day"-app, instead it is a groundbreaking solution helping you to save your money!
All sales, offers and promotions running are found by Book Deals with ease.

- Save real money! Heavy users are able to save hundreds of dollars! -
How does it work?
You add your future purchases and favorite books to the wish list. Book Deals will start checking the price of the books every time you use it. This will give you real-time prices and let you see the current prices. In addition to that Book Deals visualizes the data by drawing a great looking plot.

- Features -
- Browse the iBook-store to find your favorite books: Charts, a powerful search and special hand-picked deals will give you great recommendations for future purchases and complement the default iBook-store.
- Charts: Quickly see what's popular.
- Search: Search thousands of books.
- Hand-picked deals: You will wonder what gems are waiting to be used.

- Price-history -
- See how the price of a book changed in a beautiful graph.
- Polished user-interface -
- Polished graphics with retina-quality
- Ad-free
- Most intuitive list: Quickly browse thousands of books.
- ALWAYS REMEMBER: This app will save you money because you see when it's the best time to download a book. Heavy users are able to save hundreds of dollars!
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