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Unwind HD combines calming ambience sounds and soothing visual scenes to create the ultimate relaxation app for your iPad or iPhone.
Choose from 12 beautiful animated scenes including countryside landscapes and ocean views among others. The audio is a collection of 50 most relaxing sounds to suit your mood, including fireplace crackling, rain, ocean surf, sounds of the forest and many more.
Each visual scene has a set of recommended matching sounds, or you can mix and match the sounds according to your own mood and taste. The app even allows you to play multiple sounds at the same time.
Get the latest weather at-a-glance with an optional weather & clock widget that provides your local forecast as well as current weather conditions updated every hour. A more detailed forecast can be accessed with a single tap.

Unwind HD is ideal for your office/study desk, living room shelf, on your bedside table or while travelling.

Animated Scenes:
+12 stunning, seamlessly animated scenes with a set of recommended matching sounds
+Designed for retina display
+Scenes are in 720p resolution (1280x720px)

+50 matching ambience sounds
+Sounds can be mixed and matched with each other and with each visual scene.
+1,125,899 billion possible sound combinations! (It would take several million years to try them all!)
+Each sound has adjustable volume level

+Current weather conditions and forecast on your iPad / iPhone
+Animated icons on the weather widget
+Detailed forecast accessible with a single tap
+Forecast and conditions are updated every 60 minutes
+Location can be selected by address, airport code or automatic location based detection
+Both imperial and metric units supported (Fº/mph or Cº/kmh)

+Flip clock design
+Choose small, large or hidden clock/weather widget display
+Sleep timer option
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