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Favourite Bible Stories in simple words & bright pictures to introduce your kids to the Lord.
• A good tool to start reading the Bible and an easy way to talk about Jesus & God with your kids.
• For kids aged 0-6. Parent and teacher tested.
Bible apps: My First Bible Books, My First Bible Games, My First Daily Prayer, Children's Bible, Children's Bible Games, Children's Bible Daily Prayer +2.500.000u. worldwide!
• FREE books to begin reading in minutes!
• Looking for Bible books & movies for kids aged 7–13? Children's Bible app is for you!

What is My First Bible?
• My First Bible is an app with a wonderful collection of Kids’ Bibles simply told and beautifully illustrated.
• Specifically designed for kids aged 0-6 with easy text and lively illustrations.
• All the best-known stories in the Bible (Noah, Jonah, David, Daniel…) to enjoy a wonderful storytelling time with your kids.

What's in it for me?
• If you need a tool for activating kids’ interest in the Bible, this app is for you.
• If you want to keep your kids engaged in the Bible Stories, this app is for you.
• If you are looking for a faithful resource for effective Bible teaching, this app is for you.

How can I know my kids and I will like these Bible books?
• Just try it! FREE Bible Stories to read and free preview of all books.
• Many families and teachers have already tested them.
• + 2,500,000 families and schools have downloaded our Kids’ Bible apps worldwide.

All contents are strictly Bible based and nondenominational.

• 0-3yo
- Baby's First Bible
- My Very First Bible
- The Toddler Bible
- My Picture Bible

• 4-6yo
- My Story Bible
- A Child's Bible
- Goodnight Bible Stories and Prayers
- My Storytime Bible

And more!

How My First Bible users use the app
• At home! Use the books for your bedtime reading.
• On a trip! Make your kids enjoy your commutes.
• At school! Enjoy the app in style for your lessons at the Sunday School!

Testimonials on My First Bible Books
“My kids and I love this app, great resources within the app. This is a very helpful tool to help them learn and understand the Holy Bible more.”

“My two-year-old grandson loves it! The pictures are beautiful, the story exciting and the message about God is communicated powerfully and easy to understand.”

“Great for classroom! I love it, I teach one-year-olds and I used it as a teaching tool, the children love it. Great tool for teachers and parents.”

Features of the App
• Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
• Quick start and easy to use.
• Preview the books for free.
• Buy the books with in-app purchases.
• You can use it offline.
• Connect your device to a projector to use at school.

Purchase in one device, read on all of them!
• Once you buy a book, you will retain the purchase forever.
• Tap “Settings” and then “Restore purchases” to restore your books on all your devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) with the same Apple ID.

6 Kids’ Fun & Faithful Bible Apps for Christian Families & Schools
• My First Bible Books 0–6yo
• My First Daily Prayer 0-6yo
• My First Bible Games & Activities 0–6yo
• Children's Bible Books & Movies +7yo
• Children's Bible Daily Prayer +7yo
• Children's Bible Games & Activities +7yo
An easy way to talk about God and Jesus with your kids.

Contact Support Team
Please note that we cannot respond to reviews and feedback here on the App Store, so please use the support email if you need assistance.
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