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Engage your kids with the Bible with fun and faithful Games, Movies and Activities.
• 360 Activities and Games on 60 Bible Stories. Unique on the App Store!
• For kids 0-6yo. Parent & teacher tested. Award “Top Pick” by!
• Premium version with no In-App purchases and completely Kids Safe!
• With every update you will get new games for free!
• Looking for Bible books for kids aged 0-6? My First Bible Books app is for you! FREE books to begin reading in minutes!
Bible apps: My First Bible Books, My First Bible Games, My First Daily Prayer, Children's Bible, Children's Bible Games, Children's Bible Daily Prayer +2.500.000u. worldwide!

What is My First Bible Games?
• My First Bible Games is an app which contains 60 Bible Stories each with 1 movie, 3 activities and 3 games.
• Specifically designed for 0–6-year-olds’ comprehension levels with colourful illustrations, music and sounds.
• A constructively fun activity for parents and little ones to do together.
• 60 Sunday School lessons based on Bible Stories. Educator's Guide included.
• The contents are strictly Bible based and non-denominational.

What's in it for me?
• If your need a tool for activating kids’ interest in the Bible, this app is for you.
• If you want to keep your kids engaged in the Bible Stories, this app is for you.
• If you are looking for a faithful resource for effective Bible teaching, this app is for you.

How can I know my kids and I will like these Bible games?
• Many families and teachers have already tested them with tons of hours of fun and learning.
• If your kid, toddler or baby loves puzzles, quiz, memory or trivia games, you've find it!
• +2,500,000 families and schools have downloaded our kids’ Bible apps worldwide.

The Movies, the Activities and the Games: Play and Learn
• Read and share the stories, see the movies, solve the activities, play the games and complete your Bible sticker album.
• All the games, movies and activities have been created carefully and faithfully with the utmost respect for the Bible.
• Bible translation: Good News Bible from the American Bible Society.

Testimonials on Children's Bible Games
Marcange3's review: “An excellent app, easy to use with just the appropriate degree of variety and challenge to sustain interest.”

Chiquita5555's review: “Awesome app to share in family. The kids enjoy this time of the day. We the Parents also enjoy this time!”

Psalmsofhis's review: “I love this app for my kids! Not only are my kids learning the Bible, but the youth at my church are too! Being a pastor, I look for apps that are not only educational, but apps that have sound Biblical teachings for my children as well.”

Features of the App
• Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
• 6 Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Catalan.
• Quick start and easy to use.
• You can use it offline.

Purchase once, play on all your devices!
Once you buy the app you can download it again on all your devices (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch) with the same Apple ID without paying again.

Kids’ Fun & Faithful Bible Apps for Christian Families & Schools
• My First Bible (0–6yo)
• My First Daily Prayer (0-6yo)
• My First Bible Games (0–6yo)
• Children's Bible Books and Movies (+7yo)
• Children's Bible Daily Prayer app (+7yo)
• Children's Bible Games and Activities (+7yo)
• Teen's Bible (+13yo)
An easy way to talk about God and Jesus with your kids

Please note that we cannot reply to reviews and feedback here on the App Store, so please use the support email
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