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Have separate alarms for GOOD and BAD weather!
This app wakes you up based on the weather conditions you specify. If not desirable (too cold, windy, raining, etc.), it will wake you at a later time.

Wake up earlier if the weather is nice:
+Run, Walk, Cycle in comfort!
+Exercise in nice weather
+Catch up with friends
+Enjoy a nice morning

If the weather is BAD:
+Beat traffic if it's raining (wake up earlier)
+Sleep in or just relax in bed

Weather Sensitive Alarm parameters:
+ Temperature range
+ Wind speed and direction
+ Humidity range
+ Current weather conditions (eg. mostly sunny, rain, fog etc.)
+ ‘BAD weather alarm’ is optional to set
+ Supports Metric and Imperial/US units

Alarm options:
+ 14 alarm sound options, ranging from Pleasant to Annoying
+ Alarm can auto-repeat any day of the week
+ Unlimited Alarm entries*

Beautiful Clock Design:
+ 3 Analog clock faces
+ 3 Digital Retina LCD clock displays

Advanced Clock Features:
+ NightLamp: brightens background to light up your room
+ Detailed weather display and forecast location
+ Shows actual weather conditions including current temperature, min/max forecast, weather conditions, wind speed, wind direction, feels-like temperature and humidity
+ Long battery life even if not plugged in (charging is highly recommended)

How does it work?
The app allows you to set an alarm time that will ONLY activate if the weather is favorable for you. You simply set the time you want to wake up assuming the weather conditions and are good for you and then specify what you want those weather conditions to be.

For example, you could set that the temperature should be between 50-80F, humidity between 0-60%, the wind speed no greater than 25mph and that it is not raining or snowing and there is no ice or haze.
Then you can set a delayed alarm - the ‘bad weather alarm’ - which activates at a later time if the weather is not good for you. If any of your desired weather conditions are not met, taking the example above, if the wind is 35mph, then the app allows you to sleep longer undisturbed! This second delayed alarm is optional – you can choose to not set it and keep sleeping till you wake up naturally.

No more unnecessary early morning wake ups! Take control - don’t toss and turn in bed wishing you could go back to sleep for another hour while it’s raining outside!

How does it look?
The app features 3 beautifully designed Analog and 3 retina LCD Clocks with many unique features such as NightLamp, Flash alarm, Shake for Flashlight, detailed weather display and much more. It looks great on your bedside table and has an easy to use, intuitive interface.
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