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Camera Smile Detection take advantage of latest technology that was introduced in iOS 7 to detect each individual set of eyes and smiles in a group photo to take one single perfect picture!

Camera Smile has been designed for iOS 7 with a beautiful retina graphics

Camera Smile Detection automatically takes pictures when you smile!

From now on you no longer need to rush for the timer (although this function is still available if needed) or ask other people to
take a picture of you. This smart camera app makes sure that everyone is ready and that everyone appears on the image!


- Takes a picture automatically when everyone is smiling.
- Switch between the front or the back camera to detect your smile
- Manual Shutter: Takes pictures as usual, by pressing the shutter button
- Eye Blink detection on both eyes
- Sound notification after the picture has been taken, so that you know when to stop smiling
- Designed for iOS 7 with a beautiful retina graphics
- Share your happy pictures directly on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social networks as well as e-mail.
- Dedicated gallery to view, share and delete images.

We welcome all your questions, problems and feedback at and get back to you within 24 hours.
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