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Young learners of English will enjoy this app, which introduces them to the 6 Potato Pals. With one free story, and the option to buy 6 more, the app is a fun and exciting way for young learners of English to practice developing their language skills.

• Learn the words – this section contains over 150 useful words to help children talk about their day. Audio and illustrations help children with pronunciation and meaning.
• Watch and Read – all the words from the ‘Learn the words’ section are presented in context, with charming animations to bring stories to life.
• Tell the Story – make the reader the star of the show! Children, or parents, can make their own version of the story, with their faces appearing in the illustrations.
• Sing a song – each story contains a song that covers all the phrases the children have learned. Children can listen to the songs and then record a karaoke version of themselves singing.

These stories are a great way for young learners of English to see language in use, in context, and enjoy story time, whilst improving their English.
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