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We know you're all fans of Real People magazine's brilliant puzzles – thousands of you play them every week. We also know you've TOTALLY embraced our series of free puzzle apps, as you've downloaded them in droves! To say thank you for all your support, we've put together a special edition of your favourite, Nothing For A Pair, for Christmas. FREE festive fun with lots of love from us all on the mag. PLUS, you could even scoop £100 when you enter our amazing FREE DRAW!*
Pit your wits against our popular pairing game, Nothing For a Pair.

Play on your own or get your friends and family to join in. Test yourself against the clock, or just take your own sweet time. Who’ll get the high score? And can you earn a rosette for Florence the Cow?

Food, carols, geography, soaps, festive films… our tricky teasers cover every category – it’s brain food for everyone!
And, don't forget, while you have some free time on your hands over the holiday period, there's 10 more Real People apps available for you to put onto your phone or tablet, as well as all your regular magazine puzzle fix every Thursday.

Merry Christmas!

· Simply download this free app and fill in your details to enter the prize draw. Time limits apply. See for full details.


· £100 free prize draw
· Free bundle of compulsive puzzles
· Fun, easy-to-use interface
· Earn rosettes for completing puzzles
· Unlock medals for speed and skill
· Plus fabulous Florence the Cow!
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