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Web for Apple TV - Surf on your TV and enjoy websites on a big screen!

Your iPhone/iPad serves as the world’s most advanced remote control for your TV.

“Web for Apple TV“ takes advantage of every pixel of your beautiful HDTV and all the possibilities of the multi-touch iPhone, iPod touch and iPad screen.
You are literally surfing by touching your TV. Smooth scrolling and zooming make surfing the web on your TV a joy! It is not only bigger but also much more beautiful.

Enjoy videos, search for information or shop on your TV!
Intuitive gestures make it possible that you do not even need to look down on your iPhone/iPad.

“Web for Apple TV“ runs on all devices that support AirPlay Mirroring:
- iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C
- iPod touch 5th generation
- iPad 2, 3 and 4
- iPad Air
- iPad mini, iPad mini Retina
- iPhone 4 (requires a VGA/HDMI cable)
The app connects to an Apple TV 2 or 3 wirelessly. An Apple TV 1 requires the use of a VGA/HDMI cable.
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