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Cohort is the British Council's smart and trendy bi-annual publication for prospective students of UK TNE university programmes in Singapore. More than just an informative higher education-centric magazine with its pulse on the relevant issues, it is also one from which readers can get their dose of engaging lifestyle features. This includes compelling profiles and guides on exciting activities in Singapore, and restaurant and product reviews. From the hippest nightspots to the most useful phone apps, we provide the low-down on what's going to enrich readers' higher education experience.

The Cohort iPad app is a user-friendly version of the print edition that readers can refer to whenever they need ideas and inspiration. As a handy guidebook covering all aspects of a higher education student's life, the Cohort iPad app offers a wealth of information and ideas at his/her fingertips. This includes a full directory of the 900+ UK qualifications available in Singapore, with info on the 50+ UK universities that offer them through 120+ private education institutions. With interactive features, users can also try fun self-assessment quizzes, zoom in on interesting photos and flip through pages with ease.
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