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Discover the fun way to improve your photography and learn a huge range of new SLR skills in this 30-part photo training course from the makers of the Teach Yourself series of apps.

Expert tutors Ben Brain, Chris Rutter and Ali Jennings guide you through a diverse range of stimulating creative projects, encompassing such most-wanted techniques as multiple exposures, star trails, tilt-shift effects, infrared imaging and painting with light.

Whether you’re a landscape, portrait or macro aficionado, Creative SLR Skills will help you take what you know to the next level, broadening your range as a photographer and giving you the confidence to take your own ideas and make them a reality.

Every technique is explained clearly in plain English, easy-to-follow videos so pick up your camera and get ready for an inspirational masterclass in creative photography!

Learn all these vital skills today:

1. Creative Portraiture
(a) How to… Capture Multiple Exposures
(b) How to… Record Blurred Motion
(c) How to… Capture Natural Child Portraits
(d) How to… Shoot Professional Headshots
(e) How to… Shoot Fine Art Nudes

2. Landscape Trickery
(a) How to… Shoot Long Exposures With ND Filters
(b) How to… Capture Star Trails
(c) How to… Shoot Landscapes Underwater
(d) How to… Capture Minimal Abstracts
(e) How to… Master HDR Photography

3. Cool Techniques
(a) How to… Shoot Through The Viewfinder
(b) How to… Capture Urban Abstracts
(c) How to… Shoot An Icy Still Life
(d) How to… Create Tilt-Shift Effects
(e) How to… Improve Your Composition

4. Weird Science
(a) How to… Create a Cross-Polarisation Effect
(b) How to… Capture Refraction
(c) How to… Shoot Infrared Imagery
(d) How to… Make A Pinhole Camera
(e) How to… Generate Spirographs

5. Lighting Effects
(a) How to… Paint With Light
(b) How to… Use A Flashgun Stencil
(c) How to… Backlight Your Subjects
(d) How to… Create Light Sculptures
(e) How to… Master The Harris Effect

6. Close Up Magic
(a) How to… Focus Stack Macro Shots
(b) How to… Shoot Macro With A Reversing Ring
(c) How to… Use Extension Tubes
(d) How to… Build A Light Tent
(e) How to… Take Timelapse Imagery

Please note: Ensure your Side Switch isn’t set to Mute in order to hear the audio in this app!

System Requirements: Due the size of this application, this will not operate on iPad 1st Gen
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