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From the makers of the UK's number one Canon photography magazine PhotoPlus, comes Canon SLR Skills - Volume One in our brand-new Photo MasterClass series.

Designed specifically with amateurs in mind, the combination of expert magazine content with app interactivity will have you making the most of your new Canon SLR:

► Easy to understand, jargon-free language
► 20+ mins of expert video tutorials
► Over 20 HD galleries and interactive slideshows
► Annotated camera guides
► Stunning photography from PhotoPlus's award-winning photographers
► Simple, user-friendly design from the UK's best photography book designers with full search and clear navigation

Using pro tips from the UK's best photography journalists, you'll soon be be set up for such common scenarios as:
• Portraits
• Night shoots
• Nature and wildlife
• Children
• Landscapes
• Crowd scenes
• Sports and action

Using clear advice and step-by-step tips, Canon SLR Skills covers:

► Basic Zone Modes: Everything you need to know about taking your first steps with your Canon EOS camera's scenes modes
► Creative Zone Mode: Get creative in this workshop on your EOS camera's four advanced exposure modes
► Av Zone Mode: Learn how to control apertures and depth of field
► Tv Zone Mode: Discover how to control shutter speed when capturing motion
► Manual Mode: Take full control of your photography - we'll show you how to set up custom functions
► Cleaning Modes: Keep your EOS running smoothly and lenses clean with this easy-to-follow workshop

Get started with jargon-free advice on depth of field and using flash. Dig deeper with our expert tips to understanding focal length and aperture. Discover how using shutter speed and panning can get you the perfect shot. Now move on to Manual Mode, follow our tips on exposure and even set up custom set-up modes - our expert video will show you how!

Canon SLR Skills - the perfect interactive guide that will make you a better photographer. Keep an eye out for Volume Two - coming soon!
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