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This version of Oxford Dictionaries Quick Search is completely ad-free!

The world’s most trusted dictionary of current English is now available as an app, directly from Oxford Dictionaries. Search for words and find clear, reliable definitions easily. Expand your vocabulary by browsing the dictionary and discover new and interesting words with our word of the day feature.

This simple look-up tool allows you to access a wealth of words from through a quick and easy-to-use touch interface. This app currently requires a data connection to access all content.


• Get clear and accurate definitions you can trust
• Switch between British & World English and American English
• Keep up to date with the latest new words via frequent free updates
• Word of the Day suggests interesting words to explore
• Click through to read recent articles from the OxfordWords blog
• Full screen display with no advertising banners *

Content features

• Over 350,000 words, phrases, and meanings included
• Access content from Oxford's premium current British & World English and American English dictionaries: Oxford Dictionary of English and New Oxford American Dictionary
• Cross-references allow you to navigate from entry to entry, and find out more about your search term

Technical features

• 'Did you mean?' fuzzy search capability returns answers even when you're not sure of the spelling
• This app currently requires a data connection to operate

* Please note that while the app contains no advertising, it does feature links to external sites which may contain advertising.
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